Angela Koch

Angela is an accomplished project, programme and process designer and facilitator. She has over 15 years of experience in urban planning and masterplanning projects, sound technical knowledge, great energy and effective co-design techniques. Before founding ImaginePlaces in 2010, Angela worked as Senior Associate: Urban Designer at Urban Initiatives, as Head of Consultation and Associate: Urban Regeneration at Colin Buchanan in the UK and a sustainability think-tank in Germany.
Angela is interested in urban change on the neighbourhood scale, neighbourhood planning, design codes and co-designing –
always involving many stakeholders – as well as the complexities of town centres and high streets. She speaks, publishes and teaches on plan-making best practices, co-design tools and town centre performance. She co-authored ‘Paved with Gold – the real value of good street design’, CABE 2007 and more recently the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation’s guidelines on ‘Involving the Public and Other Stakeholders’, CIHT 2015.
She is the founder of the London Neighbourhood Planning Gathering initiative.