Mark Davy

Mark founded Futurecity in 2007 as a culture and placemaking consultancy and a platform for predominantly private sector involvement in culture-driven development of our urban centres. He has raised millions of pounds of new funding for the arts by persuading the private sector of the importance of culture-led placemaking and the role of the arts in creating new places – placing him at the forefront of the debate about the changing role and purpose of modern cities across London, the UK and internationally.

In Australia, Mark has set up an office promoting Futurecity’s UK placemaking experience to a growing property market to developers, urban regeneration agencies and city authorities in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities. In Boston, MA he has developed the new ‘Avenues to the Arts’ creative district programme for the Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

In 2016 Mark co-founded Future\Pace, a strategic curatorial partnership with Pace London. The “gallery without walls” programme aims to offer opportunities to artists working in the medium of light and digital technology and to bring large scale art projects to cities across the world.