Lodge Hill Panel

The Lodge Hill Panel

The proposed new development at Lodge Hill is one of the most significant in the South East.  In late 2011 Design South East (formerly Kent Architecture Centre) and Land Securities appointed a new Design Review Panel to support the development.

Panel Chair: John Worthington, DEGW

  Richard Alderton, Ashford Borough Council

  Colin Black, Contemporary Transport

  Cody Gaynor, Space Craft Architects

  Alex Green, Sustainability Consultant

  Rosanna Law, AECOM

  John Lyall, Lyall Bills & Young Architects

  John Pegg, Craft Pegg

  Marcus Wilshere, Urban Initiatives

The Lodge Hill Panel supplements other design support services offered by Design South East across the South East, including the South East Regional Panel, which has reviewed over 400 schemes, and the Regional Panel in Ashford.

For full details on the role and operation of the Panel, please contact Robert Offord: robert@designsoutheast.org