Nigel Green

Nigel Green is qualified in Town Planning and Urban Design, and has been responsible for advising on and improving the design quality of major developments in Westminster, Winchester and Brighton. He established his own consultancy in January 2004, offering planning, urban design and regeneration advice to both the public and private sectors.

For the past 10 years Nigel has acted as consultant to Winchester City Council in respect of their major developments; this includes the Major Development Area of 3,000 new dwellings at West of Waterlooville. He is also advising on a major urban extension of 2,000 dwellings at Barton Farm to the north of the city of Winchester; and a major extension to North Whiteley of up to 3,500 dwellings. He is currently giving planning and urban design advice to Fareham Borough Council in respect of the Strategic Development Area north of Fareham (Welborne).

Nigel has lectured and undertaken research projects at the University of the West of England and Oxford Brookes. He has helped develop training and educational courses at both University level, and for local government officers and members. He has been involved in a number of training events aimed at improving design skills, and understanding.